This blog is part of an effort to bring my self up to speed on all the educational tools and resources available through the web. To dig and sift until I find the gems that I can use in my own field to help the teachers, students, anyone who’s interested to connect to the knowledge and networks that will inform and inspire their lives.

The study begins with a course on connectivism (#cck12) which has already pushed me off the metaphorical couch of the mind and onto this blog, to twitter and on into the great (for me) unknown.

No matter how wide the world of the web is though, it’s got nothing on the vastness of the world within me and within you. To keep all I learn here connected to that vast space and the wisdom within it I’m linking my pedagogical exploration to a study of Saundarya Lahari, a poem of great depth written by one of the greatest sannyasins in history, Sri Adi Shankaracharya. He taught and lived that all the world is an illusion but sang from his heart of the immense beauty to be found in this world and of the wonders of the divine feminine.

The text I’m using as my source is Sri Saundarya Lahari ~ The Descent, written by the gracious and fiercely strong yogini and guru Swami Satsangi. This commentary opens the heart and mind to understand the mysteries of this devotional song over a thousand years on.

Being flummoxed as to where and how to begin this blog I let Saudarya Lahari fall open where it would, ~ Verse 38. Meditation on Shiva and Shakti ~ this verse captures the thought that had been trying to take form in my mind; that all knowledge, learning and understanding comes from the highest of sources…

The verse in it’s original sanskrit:

samunmeelat samvit kamala-makarandaika-rasikam

bhaje hamsa-dvandam kimapi mahamataam maanasacharam;

yadaalaapaad-ashtaa dashagunita-vidyaa-parinatih

yadaadatte doshaad gunam-akhilam-adbhyah para iva. (38)

Brief Shankara loves the eternal elemental pair; consciousness and matter. They come together in the lotus of the heart space, and it is here (not the head) where we can access all knowledge. To understand, listen to the heart. When the heart is energised through the merging of energy and consciousness light emanates from this centre in the form of the arts. This cosmic pair swim together in the minds of all great knowers of wisdom.

To access knowledge we must awaken the heart.

Yesterday I enjoyed roaming around Making Manifest the blog of Cath Styles. For me this is a great of example of intelligence and heart coming together to produce innovative learning environment. I hope to learn more from her work.

And I believe that’s plenty for now.

From the heart,

Anata Shishya (the eternal student)