After an engaging week connecting with neurophysiologist and yoga teacher Philip Stevens (Swami Samnyasananda) I’m inspired by the connections already existing between our yoga academy and researchers and those evolving with the medical and health sectors. With the thoughts of science and research fresh in the mind those networks are standing out as I look into the idea of Social Networking Analysis (SNA).

The theme for this week is patterns of connectivity, looking at how information flows through different nodes (people, organisations etc) and how the frame work of those connections influences access to information and how the perception or interest of the different nodes may colour the information that flows through it.

Guardian article, Academic spring: how an angry maths blog sparked a scientific revolution, describes how the academic research network is dominated by a few highly centralised and powerful nodes, the publishing houses. The angry maths blog rallied researchers to protest this centralisation of information resulting in over 9,000 researchers now refusing to publish, referee or do editorial work for major publishing house Elsevier. As de-centralised and independent nodes researchers are stopping the flow of information into a major central node and all this sparked by one blog.

Neurobiologist Bjorn Brembs’ talk What needs to happen in a scholarly publishing reform?  identifies key issues in the scholarly publishing networks and possible solutions including PloS one.

Ed techie seems to cut to the chase though in 10 Digital Scholarships Lessons in 10 Videos. Simple guide to taking steps from old paradigms of research publishing to new.

My aim in these blogs is a find the best way to connect yoga teachers keen to specialise in specific areas of need with professionals in those fields, research, researchers and the people they wish to serve. A by product of this hopefully being some collaborative research in the area of yoga. There seem to be a few programs supporting this (NCRIS & CRN being two government funded bodies) we shall see what evolves. I’m imagining a network like these images, the one on the left depicting the developing neurones in a mouses brain, the one on the right a computer simulation of our ever expanding universe.

Are we but a thought in the mind of Brahman?

I was wondering wether to link this to verse from Saudarya Lahari as per other connectivist (cck#12) related blogs but when I saw todays feed from the Rikhiapeeth blog, ‘Science’ Friday, 6th April, I knew the connection had already been made.

Om Tat Sat